Botox West Hollywood

We’ll smooth out any crease, line or wrinkle on your face in seconds flat.

About Botox

botox-2One of the most common and popular treatments clients ask about when they are first introduced to non-invasive, non-surgical procedures is muscle paralysis (unless you’ve been hibernating for the past twenty years, you’ve probably heard it called just plain ole Botox). This procedure injects a neurotoxin into your problem area that prevents the muscle from being able to contract. So those pesky forehead lines, crow’s feet, creases between your eyes, lip lines etc.? They’ll disappear in front of your eyes over the next few days.


Before Your Treatment:

Stop all products that contain aspirin, ibuprofen, Vitamin E and similar products 10 days before the procedure.  This will decrease the chance of bruising. Notify your lab tech if you are on a blood thinner such as warfarin, coumadin, and plavix. Do your daily workout before your appointment for Botox. *

After Your Treatment:

botox-before-afterRefrain from exercise until the next morning. Do not rub or irritate the injection sites. (This can cause the Botox to seep into your eyelid and cause a droop.) Wash your face gently.  By the next morning, you can resume normal activity. For the next one hour, contract the muscles that were treated by frowning, raising your eyebrows, smiling, and /or puckering. If you have swelling or bruising on your face, apply cool compresses. *