Lab Techs

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After graduating with honors from Marymount University, Mary Brownfield earned her master’s degree in nursing from UCLA. Her experience as a mother of two has taught her both patience and a gentle touch—the secret ingredients to achieving a perfect injection. With eight years of experience, Mary’s careful, artistic eye will ensure that your results are discreet yet completely perfect.



After graduating at the top of her class from Aveda Fredric’s Institute, Gilbert eagerly practiced her new skills on her family and friends, gaining a cult following in her community. Five years in the professional medical aesthetic world helped her hone in on her cellulite and skin-tightening treatments and now, with nearly ten years of experience under her belt, there’s not a blackhead in existence that can escape her touch—she excels in extractions. “With today’s technology, I know we can stay forever young. And since most of my patients already feel that way on the inside, I educate them on how to match that with what’s on the outside through the use of the scientific advancements we use here in our office.”




Tami Cook is a Holistic Skincare and Body Wellness Specialist with over eight years of experience in the health and beauty Industry. She began her journey as a Makeup Artist and decieded to further her knowledge in skin health by studying Estiology at the Aveda Institute in Washington D.C.; where she learned both an eastern and western approach to skin health.   She later attended The Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing (IPSB) in Culver City where she studied massage and bodywork.   Prior to beginning her career as a Holistic Skincare and Body Wellness Specialist she received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Norfolk State University, and worked in the Baltimore City Public School System for four years as a High School College advisor.  Tami is fascinated with the mind-body connection and the awakening of self that is possible through bodywork and skin health.  Her extensive training in massage and energy work provides a power house of tools she can pull from to create amazing results that address the whole person. She encourages her clients to take a holistic approach to their well being by honoring one’s body, mind, and spirit.




An aesthetician with a fierce eye for perfection, SkinLab’s founder, Joshua Ross, always knew he belonged in the beauty industry. With 15 years of experience working in the field, Ross has developed a keen eye for symmetry. He tailors each treatment to the individual and creates a comprehensive plan of attack to help you win the war against aging—he’s your soldier! Ross firmly believes that science and beauty can only meet harmoniously when professionals and clients can communicate effectively. “It’s my job to give realistic expectations about what we can achieve in the lab. Meryl Streep is not going to leave here looking like Taylor Swift!”

Ross felt there was a missing link between Medical Spas and the clients who frequent them. “Traditionally, they tend to feel uptight and even intimidating. At the Skinlab, we treat every client like we would a family member. Yet we are still discreet and professional—all of our clients will get the star treatment.”