Laser Hair Removal West Hollywood

A quick and easy approach to long-term and sometimes permanent hair removal.

this treatment will replace embarrassing fur (Back fro? Bikini line spider legs!) with smooth skin in just a few sessions.

About Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal west hollywoodKeep any new hairs from growing in. Because the laser only treats hairs when they are in the growth phase, multiple treatments may be required for permanent removal. Our membership program will keep your costs at a minimum.

The Process

  • The process starts with a deep cleansing and custom peel that works for all skin types.
  • Next up we use a hydro microdermabrasion tool to gently open up your pores as well as remove the top layer of dead skin.
  • Finally, we’ll load your skin with antioxidants and a hyaluronic acid packed serum to fight off free-radicals.

Before Your Treatment:

Cleanse and shave the area needing to be treated. Avoid sun tanning or self-tanning as the laser attacks melanin and this can result in discomfort or burning.

After Your Treatment:

Wear sun protection!