Teeth Whitening West Hollywood

Safe, Effective, Affordable Teeth Whitening

Erase years of built up stains in as little as one treatment!

About Teeth Whitening

Until a couple of years ago, only dentists could perform teeth whitening treatments. Now with new technology available and innovative self administered packaging, we can offer you similar or better than results for hundreds less! Teeth whitening is one of the simplest cosmetic procedures if done right. Doing it right means using a proper whitening agent and an appropriate whitening accelerator. The most practical accelerator is an LED lamp emitting cold blue light with a wavelength of around 465 nanometers. This wavelength of light is ideal for activating the hydrogen peroxide and accelerating the whitening process.

The Process

  • Medical grade hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth. A cold blue light is placed directly in front of the customer’s exposed teeth and run up to 40 minutes per treatment.

A cosmetic teeth whitening treatment will always make the teeth pearly white. It will make them whiter. How much whiter? It really depends on a multitude of factors, including how stained the teeth were before the whitening, what kind of staining agent caused most of the coloration, how well the person’s enamel reacts to peroxide and the number of treatments performed. Most people will get impressive results while a few will get less dramatic results, but 99% of our clients are highly satisfied with the results they obtain. Treatment is safe even for sensitive teeth and gums!

Please Note: Some teeth cannot really be whitened at all, such as those that were stained by the antibiotic tetracycline or fluorosis.