Beverly Hills Facial with Joshua Ross

Beverly Hills Facial with Joshua Ross


Celebrity Aesthetician Joshua Ross invites you to experience the ultimate in expert facial luxury – the Beverly Hills Facial with Joshua Ross.

Joshua RossThe Beverly Hills Facial is a totally personal, state-of-the-art facial administered by Joshua Ross. Joshua, the “aesthetician to the stars”, has been featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New Beauty, US Weekly, and many more esteemed publications. Take advantage of Joshua’s direct expertise and insight into your skin with the luxurious Beverly Hills Facial.

The Beverly Hills Facial with Joshua Ross combines the most results-oriented medical-grade facial devices and techniques currently on the market. The experience is completely customized and unique to each recipient. Typically, the Beverly Hills Facial includes exfoliation and extractions via HydraFacial™, White Turquoise lymphatic stone massage for toning facial muscles, and LED Light Therapy to balance and heal skin. Throughout the treatment, only the most luxurious pharmaceutical grade skincare products are utilized – all resulting in the ultimate anti-aging experience. Satisfy your soul with personalized luxury and leave your skin with a vibrant, dewy glow!

What are the benefits?

Whether you’re suffering from acne, hyper-pigmentation, dryness, or rosacea – or your skin simply needs a dose of rejuvenation and remastering – Master Aesthetician Joshua Ross will help you achieve long-term solutions, give direction for proper home care, and provide a personal, comprehensive service that will address any concerns you have.

The Beverly Hills Facial SkinLab
The Beverly Hills Facial SkinLab

How does it work?

The Beverly Hills Facial begins with celebrity Aesthetician Joshua Ross’s expert eye focused on you. His focused, professional assessment of your skin will guide the treatment – benefit big from Joshua’s results-driven approach, his decade-plus of experience, and his in-depth knowledge of modern skincare trends and tech. Joshua will blend the newest state-of-the-art treatments with the most indulgent medical-grade skin care products to customize the experience and suit your skin’s needs.

This exclusive Beverly Hills Facial protocol begins with a double-cleansing custom acid/enzyme exfoliation treatment, adjusted for your skin type and areas of concern. Next up is the HydraFacial™ — a vacuum-assisted hydro-dermabrasion tool that automates the extraction and deep pore cleansing portion of your treatment.

Treatment typically ends with a White Turquoise lymphatic stone massage to tone facial muscles, and LED Light Therapy Treatment to deeply penetrate serums, promote collagen production, and soothe any inflammation. Skin is rebalanced in personalized luxury and a radiant glow unlike anything else is achieved!

Beverly Hills Facial with Joshua Ross FAQs

What is it?

The Beverly Hills Facial with Joshua Ross is a luxury facial experience, combining three of our most popular treatments into one. It is inspired by SkinLab's involvement with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills This facial is the secret of the stars!

How does it work?

Venus Legacy™ skin tightening, LED light therapy, and the best natural skin products are all a part of this anti-aging deep treatment. We combine the latest state-of-the-art treatments with the most indulgent skin care products - and customize the experience to suit your skin's needs.

Why SkinLab?

We have administered these treatments to hundreds of happy clients - including the ladies on RHOBH - and understand how to customize the Beverly Hills Facial treatment uniquely for you!

How long does the treatment take?

The Beverly Hills Facial is applied in our office where we monitor and adjust it for 90 minutes.

What happens after treatment?

After a Beverly Hills Facial treamtent, fine lines are reduced, redness and breakouts are minimized, and cellular nutrients are restored. The treatments are completely non-surgical so you can return to normal activities immediately. Sun exposure without protection is not recommended for 2-4 weeks following.

How do you prepare?

Hydrate and check with your SkinLab technician when you make your appointment about specific lifestyle issues.

How long will the results last?

Expect noticeable firmness of skin and glow immediately.

Any precautions?

Safe for all skin types. Should be administered by a highly experienced, certified Esthetician or Medical Assistant, only at SkinLab.

Will there be any pain?

Very little discomfort. You will feel a moderate amount of heat, which your technician will adjust to ensure your comfort while achieving your rejuvenation goals.

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