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CoolTone™ coming soon to SKINLAB

CoolTone by Coolsculpting

CoolTone™ is the new muscle-strengthening counterpart to CoolSculpting, by Allergan. SKINLAB has been a leading CoolSculpting practice and Allergan partner for years. So it’s only natural to announce that CoolTone will be coming soon to SKINLAB!

Just what is CoolTone™? It’s Allergan’s breakthrough innovation for firming and improving muscle tone in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and legs. It works by electromagnetic stimulation of muscle fibers, resulting in increased muscle strength and mass. The frequency of muscle contractions induced by CoolTone™ is beyond what normal exercise can achieve. We can’t wait to see the results our clients will achieve with CoolTone!

Though we’re not offering CoolTone just yet, now is a great time to visit with us and learn how CoolTone can help improve muscle tone and strength in the midsection and lower body.

Learn More About CoolTone™ at SKINLAB

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