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Joshua Ross: The Spotlyte Interview

Joshua Ross in Spotlyte

Want to learn more about SKINLAB founder Joshua Ross? Who doesn’t? Lucky for all of us, The Spotlyte sat down with the celebrity aesthetician for a revealing, wide-ranging interview.

Joshua is well-known for his fierce eye, on-point beauty recommendations, and his appearance on television with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And while Joshua definitely shares plenty of skincare knowledge with The Spotlyte, what sets this interview apart is the chance to learn more of the personal story of the man behind SKINLAB.

Joshua and Spotlyte discuss Ross’s new marriage to husband Jeff Rohrer, and the history that union has made. Also revealed is the start that Ross got in aesthetics as a young man in small-town Texas:

As the son of missionaries in a small town in Texas, Ross didn’t have a lot of options when it came to pursuing beauty. During high school, he did a work study program at a local hair salon. “It was kind of the only thing in beauty [in my town],” he says. “Everyone else was going to cosmetology school. I just didn’t feel I wanted to be standing up cutting people’s hair all day.”

Of course, the Spotlyte interviewer couldn’t let Joshua go without getting some insider beauty tips from the “Glam Circle” maven. In fact, Joshua spills on the Top 11 beauty products and treatments that he uses in his own day-to-day skincare regimen. Included in the list are Rosewater with Glycerin, Calendula Cream, Retinol, and CoolSculpting – a SKINLAB specialty.

Whether you’re looking for a tip on the best products and regimen for your skin – or you want to learn more about the “Aesthetician to the Stars”, our own Joshua Ross – we know you’re going to want to read the full Spotlyte interview, right here.

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